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Loia Budde & Associates now LBA


The company & brand formerly known as Loia Budde & Associates has undergone a significant transformation. Now known as LBA, the new identity stands to not only satisfy all existing expectation, but exceed new ones.

Same great people, same great service, just a fresh new look! Let LBA put a fresh new look on your space in 2016!

"All of us at LBA are excited to present a fresh new look of our brand, our services and our designs. We have great expectations that 2016 will bring new opportunities to our clients and new ways that we can serve all of you.
Many of you know, that for 35 years, this firm has delivered cost effective, timeless and efficient designs that meet landlord/client budgets and schedules. Now, we want to make sure you are fully aware of what our talented designers have done and are capable of doing!
Please review our new website and our complete portfolio displaying the breadth of our capabilities. LBA should be a part of your team realizing spectacular designs that remain cost effective, timeless and efficient."
                                                                                   -Ron Budde